Monday, February 4, 2008

Birthday Brownies

It's my birthday so I'm going to share my favorite brownies with you!

One recipe of fudge brownies or one box of fudge brownies
One recipe of best ever chocolate frosting or store bought frosting
one bag of hershey's mini baking kisses (these are right next to the chocolate chips, if you cannot find them chocolate chips will do, but double them)

Prepare brownies according to recipe or box. Stir in the whole bag of kisses or chips, bake according to recipe or box for fudgey brownies.

While baking prepare frosting. When cool frost brownies! It's that simple and it's just that good too!

These brownies are incredibly rich!

I like to use the mini kisses because they are a little bigger than chocolate chips and you get these chunks of chocolate in every bite of brownie.

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