Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cakelele - Ukulele Cake

1 Ukulele (guitar) pan mold

1 cake recipe

1 recipe of butter cream icing

Various icing colors

Lots of time and patience

I baked the cake off and after it was cool I put on a crumb coat (very thin layer of icing).

And then the fun began, I blended the two wood grain colors, then moved to the fret board and the bridge, the sound hole and finally the strings. For the first take on this it's not so bad.


  1. YUM! That is a very nice looking cake even if your sig other can't actually eat it.. heehee. What a tease!

  2. Oh that looks so yum! Well worth the effort - well done you!

  3. Sorry that last one was me - didn't put my name on because I am technologically challenged - heehee. Still, well done though!

  4. Thanks allibee and winger! If it's any consolation it WAS delicious!

    And allibee, my sig other will surely get plenty of his very own cakelele's! :)

  5. ooh ... maybe, if I start mumbleing in my sleep about cakey ukulele with a solid choccy top and toffee strings she might get the message... worth a try.

  6. Need a youtube video please :-)

  7. Yeah I'm working on getting a flip!